Free Blues Guitar Video Lessons

On this page you will find free blues guitar videos that are designed to instruct you on various aspects on blues guitar playing. By watching these videos you will start to understand the various disciplines that you need to develop in order to reach blues guitar mastery.

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The Most MAGICAL Blues Double Stop

The Most MAGICAL Blues Double Stop

In this video, you learn one of the most magical blues double stops that generates more gnarly and exotic sounds in you blues guitar playing!


1e lesson on guitar

Play your 1st Blues Solo! (absolute beginner lesson)

In this video, you learn how to play your first blues solo.If you've never played a blues solo before, then this absolute beginner blues solo lesson is a great place to start!


Rut Buster soloing Pt2

All Your Guitar Solos Sound The Same? Try This Rut Buster! (Part 2)

In this video, you’ll learn the best guitar rut busting soloing strategy for when all your solos sound the same! (Part 2)


All Your Guitar Solos Sound The Same? Try This Rut Buster!

In this video, you’ll learn the best guitar rut busting soloing strategy for when all your solos sound the same!


Carlos Santana's Secret Note Explained

In this video, you’ll learn how Carlos Santana adds just one note (the major 6th) to a basic minor pentatonic scale to ignite that warm and exotic feel in his guitar solos!



Get A Fat Blues Sound With Double Stops

The double stop is one of the core techniques in getting a fat blues sound on guitar! Here I’ll provide you with a full roadmap of the most common double stops used in blues guitar playing.



Most Famous Blues Guitar Lick Ever

Many famous guitarists rely on cliché blues licks to improvise blues solos. But there is one lick that heavily sticks out! In this video we cover the most famous blues guitar lick everyone should know.



251 Chord Progressions In Blues Explained

Learn how to play the all-important 251-chord progressions on guitar in this video!



Learn This During Your 1st Year Of Playing Blues

Discover it in this video what you should learn during your first year of playing blues guitar.



Fingers Too Weak to Play Guitar? Do This!

In this video you’ll learn how to make your fingers stronger for guitar!



Do This After Learning The Pentatonic Scale

After you’ve learned to play the pentatonic scale from the low E to the high E string, it’s time to take the next step. In this video I’ll show you how to use scale sequences and licks to start making your pentatonic scale sound like real music.



Hard VS Soft Guitar Pick

Pick thickness … is it just a personal preference or does it really have a functional difference? In this video we’ll look at the pros and cons of both hard and soft picks.



Angus Young's Essential Guitar Habits

Angus Young, while being that energizer bunny of rock, can never be accused of sloppy guitar playing! The reason being: his killer muting habits! In this video we take a closer look at how Angus Young deals with unwanted string noise.



Can’t Pick Fast On Guitar? Do This!

Can't seem to move your guitar pick fast enough while picking on guitar? In this video we’ll uncover why so many people struggle to pick lightning fast!



Your Very First Blues Guitar Lessons

Are you a complete beginner on guitar and you need some help in starting to learn the blues from absolute zero? Don't worry: I got you covered! This video series will help you to get a great start in your blues learning journey.



Miles Davis Secret To Heartfelt Guitar Solos

In this video, we explore why Miles Davis has the best advice when it comes to playing heartfelt blues guitar solos. Following his famous advice can instantly improve your guitar solos!



The Best Acoustic Chord Trick

It’s time for every acoustic guitarist's favorite trick to make guitar chords sound juicier! In this video, you’ll learn the easiest way to start using the essential 'chord slides' in your acoustic blues rhythm playing.



The Best Way To Switch Chords Quickly

Making chord transitions fast is hard work. It's often a reality for aspiring guitarists to take their guitar switching problems well into intermediate territory... Use these 'secret' chord-switching tricks to add speed and ease to your chord changes!



Percussive Strumming For Blues Guitar

In this blues rhythm guitar lesson for beginners, you get introduced to the easy (but powerful!) percussive strumming technique that transforms mediocre acoustic playing into great-sounding rhythm parts!



The Best Kept Soloing Secrets

There's one thing that great lead guitarists know, but beginners don't...They understand the difference between: consonant, dissonant & altered pitches. In this video we’ll explore these 3 types of notes & how to use them to play licks that best outline the chords you are playing over.



How To Angle Your Fretting Fingers

Sooner or later every aspiring guitarist wonders about the ideal curve for your fingers when fretting notes. In this video, I show you with how much curvature the fingers should be placed on the guitar fretboard when playing scales.



SRV His Gnarly ‘Blues Heptatonic II’ Scale Explained

Do you want to be able to play gnarly-sounding blues licks like Stevie Ray Vaughan? In this video we’ll demystify SRV’s dirty ‘blues heptatonic II’ scale to create nasty-sounding blues licks.



The 3 Worst Guitar Solo Mistakes

In this video, I show you the three worst guitar soloing mistakes and how to fix them! Following these simple steps will allow your blues guitar solos to sound closer to professional solos!



Slow Fingers On Guitar? Do This!

Can't seem to move your fingers fast enough when playing guitar? The real key to shredtastic fingers is improving your '2-hand synchronization. In this video, you’ll learn how this works to speed up your guitar playing!



John Mayer's Unique Vibrato Technique Explained

In the video clip of his song ‘Last Train Home’, John Mayer uses a unique style of vibrato technique that originates in the ‘new school’ of performing vibrato. In this video, we take a closer look at his guitar technique to see how he does it and where this ‘new school’ vibrato is coming from!



Cheap Martin VS Budget Guitar

Martin guitars are a well-known brand and a status symbol for many! But are the more wallet-friendly Martins as good as the lesser-known budget brand guitars? In this video I compare a 600-dollar Martin guitar vs a 600-dollar Seagull guitar.



Easiest Way To Pro Sounding Blues Solos

It’s time for the 'best-kept secret' that guitarists use to play outstanding blues solos: arpeggio’s! Yes, arpeggios are hard to get used to... but not if you learn them in the right way. In this video you’ll learn the absolute easiest way to start using arpeggios in your blues solos.



How To Make A Cheap Amp Sound Great

In this video, I'll demonstrate that it's possible to get a good bluesy tone out of a cheap solid-state amp with just a few simple tweaks.



Fender VS G&L: What’s The Best Guitar For Blues?

Fender or G&L, which guitar was Leo Fender's best design? In this video I share my opinion about the G&L ASAT!



SRV Sound On A Budget

Do you want to nail Stevie Ray Vaughan's' 'Cold Shot Sound', without breaking the bank on gear? In this video I’ll share how to get the SRV sound on a budget!



The Hardest (But Best) Guitar Warm-Up

Are you up for a challenge?! In this video I share one of the best (and hardest) warm-up exercises I've ever come across for improving your blues guitar picking technique! Try at your own risk... ;).



SRV Style Made Easy

In this video, I make the playing style of the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan easier to learn. The way in which Stevie played his percussive blues shuffle strum is pure gold! Normally this playing style can be hard to get into, that's why we'll look at an easy way to get started in the style of SRV.



Memorize The Fretboard Notes Like A Pro

The value of memorizing the fretboard notes is massive! In this video I share a PRACTICAL and FUN method to memorize the notes on the guitar fretboard once and for all!



Hands To Small? 3 Steps To Stretch Your Fingers Further

Your hands are NOT too small to play guitar! Learn in 3 steps the secrets that make your fingers stretch the extra distance for all of those hard blues riffs!



Practice Amp Settings Explained

Do you want to get a fat blues sound out of a small and cheap practice amp? In this video, I’ll show my exact amp settings for the ‘Roland Micro Cube 10GX’ to get a fat and warm blues sound:



Play Licks Like Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton is one of the most influential guitarists ever (not only in blues music). In this video, I reveal Clapton’s ‘combined blues scale’ and teach you how to create your own 'Clapton style licks'!



How To Play Licks All Over The Neck

In this video I reveal my ultimate approach on how to play licks all over the guitar neck:



How To Play The Phrygian Dominant Mode In Blues Solos

In this video, you’ll learn how to play the Phrygian dominant mode over the V chord in a standard 12-bar blues progression.



Easy & Sweet Pentatonic Blues Guitar Licks

Many famous guitarists heavily rely on cliché blues licks. In this video we’ll zoom in on the 3 blues licks every beginner should start with!



SRV His 'Secret' Scale

Do you want to be able to use gut-wrenching sounds like Stevie Ray Vaughan in your blues guitar playing? The dominant seven flat ninth (7b9) pentatonic scale belongs to the altered pentatonic scale family and will give your blues solos that twisted heartfelt feel! In this video, we’ll demystify SRV his 'secret' scale.



Top 5 Most Important Blues Rock Licks

When you listen to the most popular rock and blues guitarists, you hear certain blues rock licks played over and over again. These 5 blues rock licks are so common that every respected guitarist knows them.



How to Tap Your Foot While Playing Guitar

Having trouble tapping your foot while playing guitar? In this video we break things down step-by-step to solve any wayward foot/timing problems you might encounter!



The Hexatonic Blues Scale

In this video, I’ll delve into the most famous example of a hexatonic scale… which is also one of the most prominent scales blues guitarists use in their solos!



How To Master String Bending

String bending, it can quickly go bad when performed wrong. Also the technique most beginners and intermediates can't NAIL 100%. Like it or not, but an improperly tuned bend almost always screams: AMATEUR! So don’t leave yourself without proper string bending practice and start doing the best exercises to master the technique once and for all!



The First Guitar Pedal To Buy As A Beginner

Looking to buy your first guitar pedal? In this video I share the guitar pedal every beginner should start out with!



How To Play Blues In The Style Of Albert King

Albert King's playing style has VERY drastically influenced a large part of the next generations of guitarists. From SRV to Jimi Hendrix and countless others... So what exactly should you learn from the King to improve your blues soloing? In this video you’ll discover the essential steps to take to recreate his iconic guitar licks.



These Should Be Everyone’s 1st Blues Guitar Licks

As an aspiring blues guitarist it is very important to create a 'bag of tricks' filled with guitar licks. In this video you’ll get introduced to the first 5 blues licks everyone should start out with (that's how common these licks are)!



Top 3 Hardest But Most Magical Blues Chords

Looking to expand your blues chord vocabulary? There's a small number of magical-sounding blues chords almost nobody plays because they’re very tough to finger. Discover them in the this video!



What To Learn After Pentatonic

After learning to play the pentatonic scale using alternate picking, it’s time to take the next step and make it sound like real music. In this video I’ll show you a simple but very effective method to turn your scales into guitar solos from the very beginning!



The 3 Most Beautiful Blues Chords For Improvising

In this video you’ll learn 3 of the most beautiful blues chords to improvise with.



How To Never Get Lost On The Guitar Fretboard

Ever had the feeling of being absolutely lost on the fretboard? Not knowing where to put your fingers next during a solo is a common problem amongst guitarists. Luckily in this video I’ll teach you the solution!



The Magic Of Blues Chord phrasing

Having a hard time coming up with new blues rhythm parts? In this rhythm guitar lesson you'll get introduced to the powerful concept of ‘blues chord phrasing’. This transforms basic '12 bar blues chords' into exciting rhythm parts!



How To Attach Headphones To A Guitar Without An Amp?

How can you play guitar through headphones? It's a question that I get surprisingly often. Here's how to do it!



How To Target The Best Notes In Your Blues Solos

It's common for aspiring guitarists to use the wrong approach when they try to sound like their blues guitar hero's. In this video you learn exactly how the blues masters use chord tone targeting to create melodic blues solos (and how you can do the same).



This Exercise Makes Your Fingers Warm Up 4x Faster

Many guitarists warm up with scales to keep their fingers flexible... And while there is a place and time for such exercises, I suggest something else to get the blood flowing in your fingers! In this video I’ll share my favorite warm-up routine that ensures no muscle group is left out.



How To Play Lead Guitar Like BB King

It’s rare to find a guitar player who hasn’t copied from BB King's playing style. But what should you learn from him to level up your blues playing? In this video you’ll learn everything there is to know about BB King’s preferred scales, note choice, decorative elements, etc.



Skyrocket Your Guitar Playing Speed

Playing the guitar fast (almost) never seems to be a natural strength for aspiring guitarists. But no matter what your experience level is, it is possible to play fast! These 3 simple steps can take your guitar playing into faster territory.



What I Wish I Knew As A Beginner Blues Guitarist

In this video, I share what I wish I knew about playing blues guitar sooner in my development as a guitarist!



Learn The Notes On The Guitar Fretboard Permanently

Do this simple exercise for a few minutes a day, and you will naturally remember the notes on the guitar fretboard. This completely different and clear approach allows you to MEMORIZE the NOTES on your guitar fretboard PERMANENTLY! (even if you have a horrible memory).



Turn Scales Into Solos

Are you struggling to make your lead guitar playing sound like music instead of scales? In this video I’ll introduce you to a foolproof trick that turns beginner scales into intermediate guitar solos.



The Best Travel Guitar For Blues

Looking for a portable travel-sized guitar that plays and feels like a serious full-sized instrument? You are in for a treat! The Carry-On travel guitar from Blackstar combines true tone and feel beyond its size. In this video I share my thoughts about it.



Learn The Longest Blues Lick Ever

In this video I’ll teach you how I combined multiple scales to create the world’s longest blues guitar lick (and how you can create long blues licks yourself):



How To Practice Guitar Without Making Noise

In this video I share my guilty pleasure list of 'monk-like exercises' that are great to build chops and are so quietly... you can practice them in the library if you want!



The Ultimate Blues Warm-Up Routine

In this video (with tab) I’ll share the warm-up routine I’ve been using for years whenever my playing becomes rusty and I need to ‘shake off the stiffness in my fingers’.



Solo Across The Entire Fretboard In 3 Steps

Do you hate the feeling of being ‘stuck’ during blues solos? This video shows you how to span beyond three octaves for any given scale, using fingerings that promote speed and fluidity.



The Tastiest Scale For Blues

The pentatonic scale will not give you those tasty fresh sounds. Therefore it’s time to learn the art of heptatonic scales!



Powerful ways To Improve Your Rhythm Playing Skills

Struggling to play exciting rhythm parts on guitar? In this video you’ll discover out 3 easy ways to improve your rhythm guitar chops and make it sound more professional.



3 Golden Dominant 7 Chord Voicings

Dominant 7 chords are without a doubt the most important chords in the history of blues music. Collecting at least a handful variations on these blues chords is therefor a crucial aspect in your development as an aspiring blues guitarist. In this video I’ll share 3 of the most beautiful ways of playing such a chord.



How To Play A Jazz Solo On Guitar Even If You Are An Absolute Beginner

Did you know that even complete beginners on guitar can have fun playing jazz guitar solos right away? Even if you started playing guitar today, you can already learn how to play jazz solos that impress your friends and family!



Best Guitar Pick For Blues

In this video I’ll share with your why the size of your guitar pick matters and show you my (and Joe Bonamassa's) all-time favorite guitar pick for playing blues.



Fingerpick Like Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler's unusual fingerstyle approach has been legendary in the guitar community for decades and that makes him a guitarist worth studying. In this video I take you through what every guitarist should learn from Mark Knopfler's unique way of playing with his fingers on electric guitar.



What Great Guitarists Practice Every Day

In this video you’ll discover what great guitarists practice every day (even if it’s only for a couple of minutes) & why you should practice this too!



Can You Practice Guitar Too Much?

Unless you really know what you are doing, long practice sessions will waste your time or can even work counter-productive. So how much practice is too much? Discover the answer in this video.



The 5 Key Elements To Get a Blues Sound On Guitar

Do you know the elements that make the blues solos of your favorite guitarists sound so convincing? In this video we’ll go over the 5 most important elements you should include in your blues playing to get that convincing, impressive and professional bluesy sound on guitar.



How To Play 2 Amps With Only 1 Guitar

Different amps have vastly different characters... So by hooking up two guitar amps together you can simply achieve the best of both worlds! In this video you’ll learn how you can plug 1 guitar into 2 amps at the same time to massively improve your blues guitar tone.



Fundamental Blues Guitar Skills

Often we learn things inefficiently in the first year of playing guitar… and that results in problems that are much harder to fix later down the road. So in this video series we’ll cover the 12 primary tasks you should learn during the first year as a beginner blues guitarist.



Create Killer Blues Riffs From Scratch

Are you struggling to come up with great sounding blues riffs? In this video you'll learn how to turn any scale into a killer blues riff. We’ll start from the basic blues scale and progressively add just the right elements to turn the whole scale into a killer blues riff.



My Favourite Practice Amp For Blues Guitar

Looking for the best, low budget, practice amp for blues guitar? In this video I share my thoughts about the small and cheap guitar practice amp ‘Roland Micro Cube 10GX’.



How To ‘STEAL’ Blues Riffs (The Right Way)

Blues guitarist from our time like Robben Ford, Matt Schofield, etc. have really raised the ‘blues guitar bar’. But if we travel back to the roots of the blues and build everything up from there (the chords, the riffs, etc.) you’ll see how basically everyone stole from each other. So just like them, you need to learn how you can ‘steal’ blues riffs the right way (and in this way further the blues tradition).



Learn The Best Acoustic Blues Licks

What makes playing acoustic blues so interesting is combining different licks with chords while maintaining the structure of a typical 12 bar blues. In this video you learn how to weave the best acoustic blues guitar licks into your guitar playing!



The Best Practice Amp For Blues?

When practicing guitar, you can often save time when using gear that is as easy to use as possible. That's why it often pays to get a small practice amp that sounds decent enough to get the bulk of your practicing done efficiently. So if you are looking for the best, low budget, practice amp for blues guitar, this might just be the best practice amp for blues guitarists:



How To Play Tasty Blues Licks Like A Pro

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make your blues playing sound sweet and tasty? At the heart of every blues solo are cliché tricks and licks that make everything connected, alive and most of all so very tasty. In this video you’ll learn my top 3 favorite tasty blues licks in the key of E (+ how you can create your own)



How To Improvise Great Guitar Solos And Melodies

The art of improvising great solos and melodies on the guitar is build on the concept of tension and release. In short: great guitarists are masters of using tension and release while average guitarists need to work on this to improve their guitar soloing. The next video is an in-depth study about the difference between a great and average melody on guitar.



The Only Useful Guitar Gadget You Should Own

Do cheap guitar gadgets truly improve your guitar playing? Or is it just marketing BS? I’ve put them to the test and found one gadget that can really boost your guitar skills! Discover the only guitar gadget that truly works in this video.



Jazz Guitar Soloing 101

If you want to learn how to play a jazz guitar solo even if you are an absolute beginner that only knows the pentatonic scale, the next video is about to blow your mind!



How Great Guitarists Use The Guitar Knobs

Many guitar students have no clue about all of the mysteries concerning the knobs and switches on the guitar. Since these knobs can directly impact the quality of your sound as a guitarist, the next easy tricks can feel 'magical' when you first learn them.



Rory Gallagher Soloing Lesson

Want to know how to play guitar solos like Rory Gallagher? In this video you’ll learn everything there is to know about his preferred scales, note choice, decorative elements, etc. to create his iconic guitar licks!



How to Craft More Melodic Blues Guitar Solos

High-calibre guitarists like Slash or Guthrie Govan create guitar solos that are filled with mesmerizing melodies. But how do they craft these beautiful melodies on guitar so easily? In this video you’ll discover a very easy hack to play more melodic guitar solos instantly.



Learn The Best And Most Easy Blues Lick On Guitar

A lot of the greatest blues solos are played with just one easy lick that varies throughout the solo. But how can you do the same in your guitar playing and what is the easiest lick you can keep on repeating while still sounding very tasty? Discover it in this video!



The 3 Best Exercises To Drastically Improve Your Rhythm And Timing

Having a reliable sense of rhythm is the number one underdeveloped skill for most guitarists. Therefore, in this video we’ll explore how to improve your sense of rhythm and timing (and how to 'diagnose' your own timing) with 3 essential exercises.



How To Express Your Feelings Through Guitar

Is there a way to translate feelings and emotions to your guitar playing? The answer is YES! In this video you get introduced to a clear and easy process to become more self-expressed when soloing on guitar.



Combine Rhythm & Lead Guitar Like Jimi Hendrix

Does it often feel like you're rambling on the same old blues riffs?As an aspiring blues guitarist, studying Hendrix forms the perfect opportunity to learn how chords and scales are connected and develop your own unique rhythm guitar style.



The Secret to Expressing Emotion in Music

Do you want to play guitar solos that rock people’s soul?! It’s very rare that a guitar teacher will ever teach you this kind of ‘emotional guitar playing’, so don’t miss out on the secrets I’m about to unveil in this video!



Why Practicing Scales On Guitar Can Hurt Your Progress (and what to do instead)

Do you know that practicing scales on guitar can be responsible for lack of growth with soloing? So if your guitar solos sound like scales, the best thing you can do is to learn why practicing scales can hurt you and what to do instead!



Master The Guitar Fretboard Like A Pro

Understanding the guitar's complexity seems like a very daunting task. But it doesn't have to be this way! To untangle the clutter of notes, intervals, chords, arpeggios, scales, etc. on the guitar fretboard, it is necessary that you use the best approach to memorize the fretboard:



How To Set Up Your Amp For Great Blues Sounds

A lot of aspiring guitarists struggle with finding the best tone for their amps, but even people who have been playing for years often lack this crucial knowledge. In this video you’ll learn everything you need to know about making any guitar amp sound:



How To Play Faster: The Jimmy Page Guitar Method

Are you struggling to play faster on guitar? Do you often trip over notes or do your hands get out of sync once you increase the speed of your guitar licks? Learning Jimmy Pages Licks will open up the door to that fast feel of high velocity guitar playing without all the unnecessary extra labor of learning to pick faster!



The Best Amp For Blues

If there's one thing that Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Derek Trucks, Freddie King, Robben Ford, and many others have in common, it’s their AMPLIFIER. So in this video we'll take a look at the amplifier used by these legends (and I ;)) so you can also achieve those thick, warm blues sounds.



How To Play Licks Like Rory Gallagher

When talking about Rory Gallagher his way of soloing, most would argue "he was just a genius". But there was actually a very clear strategy behind his way of playing licks. In this video we’ll take a look at how Rory Gallangher plays his lightning fast guitar solos by zooming in on 5 of his iconic guitar licks.



The Magic Behind The Toggle Switch On Your Guitar Explained

Even though the pickup selector is just a tiny switch on your guitar, there is a lot of magic behind it! Ask Stevie Ray Vaughan, as he used this on songs like Lenny to switch from a warm tube sound to a razor-sharp sound. Discover in this video why Stevie Ray Vaughan loved the toggle switch so much and what it can do for your guitar playing.



What's The Best Guitar For Blues? Strat Or Les Paul?

Many people are unaware of the differences between the best guitars for blues guitar playing. Because of this, they stay in the dark about what guitar holds the highest potential for their own playing style. If you are struggling to find a ‘good blues guitar’, this video will shine light on the differences between the Stratocaster and Les Paul guitar.



Guitar Knobs Les Paul Explained

In this video, I’ll go through an in-depth, step-by-step guide to using your Les Paul’s controls so you know exactly how to get the best out of your Les Paul guitar.



Can You Improve Your Sense Of Rhythm?

Why have some people a better sense of rhythm then others? What exactly lies at the root of having a bad sense of rhythm? And how can you still acquire talent for rhythm on later age? The answers are all presented to you in this video.



Best Guitar For Blues: Custom Shop Or American Standard Strat?

What are the biggest differences between the fender Custom Shop Strat and the American Standard Strat? And how do you justify the huge leap in terms of price between the two? In this video you’ll discover the answers once and for all.



How To Make New Scales Sound Like Real Music

Fact is, if you hand over a new scale to any guitar player, they naturally start practicing it up and down. This might be ok at first but you quickly need to transition from that before you start wasting all your precious practice time. In this video I’ll show you a quick but very effective way to practice your new scales in a musical way.



How To Invent Unique Blues Licks When Improvising

Stuck at repeating rehearsed guitar licks over and over? In this video you'll learn how to build upon your guitar licks foundation and create endless streams of unique blues guitar lines.



The Golden Guitar Workout

Growing strong fingers not only makes playing guitar less painful, it also makes the process a lot more fun for yourself. If you feel your fingers are not strong or flexible enough, the exercises explained in the next video are for you!



Mixing Scales Into Epic Blues Licks

To give you more insight on the topic of combining scales, in this video we go over a clear example where we’ll combine three scales (minor pentatonic scale, major pentatonic scale and the blues scale) into one epic lick (tablature included).



Arpeggios In Blues Soloing

Let’s give your blues soloing a very positive make-over by learning about one of the best methods to build up tension in a guitar solo and give it that forward steering feeling: sweep picking arpeggios.



The Best Diminished Blues Licks

Imagine being able to generate killer guitar sounds that will leave your listeners on the edge of their seat having goosebumps! When using the best diminished blues licks you can easily create these gut wrenching sounds in your own blues solos!



How To Shred In Blues

Merging metal elements with the blues is key to make your playing sound really aggressive and dynamic. Knowing this, in this video you’ll learn how to incorporate a shred guitar part into your blues playing



SRV Signature Licks

It is no secret that blues music consists out of important cliché guitar licks that over the years were transferred from one guitarist to another. That is why it is very important for your development as a guitarist that you adopt these famous licks into your playing. The lick explained in this video is an ideal starting point for making your way into signature SRV-licks.



Guitar Exercises That Are Actually Useful And Fun

Training your technical guitar skills with standard guitar exercises, such as going up and down the chromatic scale, can literally drain your progress as these exercises have nothing to do with making real music. So what if you could have an exercise that’s both fun, efficient to practice and useable in your blues playing right away.



The Fastest Licks From SRV

In this video you will not only learn a very powerful and fast blues lick in the key of E (SRV style), we’ll also look at how you should practice fast blues licks on guitar to nail speed without any problems.



The 5 Most Common Mistakes Guitar Players Make

Teaching yourself incorrect things is one of the main reasons why so many self-educated guitarists don't get far and unfortunately give up over time. It’s therefore highly important to gain knowledge about all the possible bad guitar habits you might run into during your guitar development.



The Secret To Gain Speed And Accuracy

The picking hand is in general the most difficult hand to develop as a guitarist. In this video we’ll investigate the best ways to hold the guitar pick for both speed and accuracy.



Never Miss A String On Guitar Anymore

Most people think they need hundreds of hours of practice in order to never make mistakes anymore. What if I say that you can shave off many of those practice hours, simply by understanding the inner workings of efficient guitar playing mechanics. In this new video I will walk you through the procedure to automate your picking hand.



The #1 Secret To Get The Blues Sound

Imagine handing over a random (but identical) scale to a blues player and a rock player. I don’t think that it would come as a surprise that even though they are playing the same notes, the sound coming out of their amps will be completely different. If you want to sound bluesy, you will need a method that will guide you towards speaking the language of the blues.



5 Ways To Practice Guitar Without A Guitar

Ever wondered how you can master your guitar skills on the go? You will be surprised how many elements of your guitar playing you can practice without the need of having your instrument at your disposal! In this video you’ll learn 5 fundamental ways to practice guitar without a guitar.



Make Your Pentatonic Licks Sound Unique

Do you want to create your own unique blues guitar licks without sounding like everybody else? A lot of people falsely believe that they need more knowledge about scales, arpeggios and/or modes in order to sound more unique. Instead of going on a quest to gather new information all the time, you need to develop the skill of squeezing every bit of emotion out of the ‘simple’ notes. Therefore I'll present you in this video the best strategy to make your own unique sounding pentatonic blues licks.



How To Play 'Outside' In The Blues

Guitarists such as Robben Ford, Scott Henderson and Matt Schofield know how to squeeze every bit of emotion out of the notes they play. The good news is that this outside playing is very attainable if you know perfectly what you are doing. In this easy to understand blues fusion guitar lesson, we’ll use the pentatonic scale as a framework were tense and twisted notes are built upon.



How To Play Guitar Solos Blindly Using The Entire Fretboard

If you would lose your sight right now, would you still be able to play guitar? As guitar players, we need to overcome that false sense of security which is provided to us by looking at the fretboard. We want to be able to control our movements without the help of sight, because it means that you feel the distance, you feel the movement, you feel the music.



Blues Guitar Scales 101

For a long time, postwar blues solos were played with only one single scale. If you listen to blues legend Albert King for instance, you’ll notice that there are only 5 notes being played in his solo improvisations. It is a necessity to build upon that fundamental scale by adding notes that can make your solo more blues flavored. That’s why we’ll go over the all-time favorite scales for blues players in the this video.



Guitar Mastery Progress Check

To experience the best and fastest development as a guitarist you have to start practicing with a strategy instead of playing mindless exercises. In this video we therefore zoom in on how to train guitar technique correctly in 3 simple steps so you can attain mastery over the instrument.



The Principles Of Blues Comping

Comping is one of the most important aspects to develop your overall blues skills, but sadly it is an often overlooked part of playing the blues. Knowing the fundamentals of blues comping is something you just have to know, not only for your blues rhythm skills but also for your lead playing skills. In this video lesson you'll learn what it takes to get started with the principles of blues comping.



Insane String Skipping Exercise To Gain Guitar Mastery

When working on the right technical aspects of guitar playing, you will find that over time, your creativity, improvisation and self-expression will improve. As guitar technique should be looked as a ‘roadblock’ between you and the music that needs to be removed, I’ll teach you a blues pentatonic string skipping exercise that will help you in removing that roadblock.



Mix Blues Guitar Scales, Modes And Arpeggios

There is one big obstacle that almost all aspiring guitarist face: They are always on a quest to gather information about scales, modes, arpeggios, etc. but when it comes down to combining all these puzzle pieces when soloing, they seem to choke. In this video you learn one of the best possible routes you can take to mix your scales, modes and arpeggios into one big blues run.



How To Write Metal Riffs Using The Blues Scale

Are you struggling to come up with great sounding guitar riffs? You are not alone. In fact, many good guitarists are having a hard time coming up with creative riffs. In this video we'll start from the basic blues scale and progressively add elements to turn it into evil sounding rock & metal riffs.



The Best Exercise To Practice Chord Changes

The skill for being able to switch between any two particular chords is actually a bit more of a methodical & slower process than most people think. That is why it takes a LONG time to master chord changes. The GOOD news is that if you know exactly how to practice these chord switches you can cut huge amounts of time! In the above video you’ll learn one exercise that will help you fix all your guitar chord switching problems once and for all.



The Guitar Violin Effect: The Ultimate Upgrade To Your Phrasing Skills

Volume swells are one of the most powerful and key techniques to create a mesmerizing effect with guitar. Although it’s not uncommon to hear the violining technique being used in music, still a lot of aspiring guitarists miss out on this technique. But what is the secret to create this enchanting effect? In this video you’ll learn everything you need to know to apply the volume swells into your own blues guitar playing.



Where To Place Your Thumb On The Guitar

A lot of people will tell you that you need the thumb wrapped around the neck of the guitar so you can have more power and control over your bends and vibrato. But then other people will tell you a completely different story and claim that the thumb placement behind the neck is the best option as it will give you more stretch to perform complex technical elements. So what’s the correct approach now? In this video you’ll discover the best guitar thumb position for you




The 3 Elements For A Fat Blues Sound

Did you ever stop to wonder what exactly made a solo so convincing when listening to your favorite blues guitarists? In this video I’ll go over the three most important steps you should take in order to get that convincing, impressive and professional blues sound in every note you play.




What's The Best Guitar For Blues Playing

Not a lot of people are aware of the facts that I’m about to instruct you on in this video, but these can completely ruin your blues guitar soloing. You might be the best technical guitar player, but as soon as you grab ‘the wrong’ guitar to play a certain technique it will sound out of tune and the outcome will sound amateurish.




The Secrets To Gilmour's String Bends

It is hard to deny the fact that Pink Floyd's David Gilmour is a master in the art of string bending. Therefore, enriching your bag of guitar tools with Gilmour’s string bending technique is something every guitarist should do. In this video you'll be learning about the different types of Gilmour’s recognizable string bends




The Best Quarter Tone Blues Bends

Ever wondered how hose typical 'bluesy sounding notes' are created on the guitar? If you would analyse these great sounding notes, you would come to the conclusion that these notes aren’t always in tune. This might sound weird, but it’s all due to the art of guitar playing and how the guitar works. In this blues video I’ll teach you how to turn your normal notes into really cool and bluesy sounding notes.




The Most Essential Blues Guitar Tricks

At the heart of every famous blues guitarist are cliché tricks that make everything connected, alive and most of all very bluesy. As an inspiring blues guitarist it is therefor a necessity to learn these technical cliché tricks to make your playing style fit the blues scene. You will be surprised how good the vital blues tricks explained in this video sound:




How To Use The Mixolydian Mode In Your Blues Solos Immediately

There are certain hacks that can save you hours of study and frustration AND will provide you with the skills to start enjoying using the modes in your blues guitar soloing right away. In this video you'll learn a golden trick that will open the door to the mixolydian mode in your blues guitar playing.




The Easiest Way To Use Dorian In Your Blues Solos

Although you might have heard of modes to spice up your blues guitar playing, the theory behind this modal blues guitar playing can easily sound really confusing. In this video you'll learn the absolute most easy approach to add ‘the dorian mode’ to your blues guitar solos. This way you will be able to create more interesting sounds in your guitar playing immediately.




How To Play Jazz Chords In Blues Rhythm Guitar Playing

When you first learn to play blues rhythm, it’s normal to play standard blues riffs and chords. However if you want to go deeper into the world of blues guitar and explore other options and possibilities you'll need to look at playing more ‘complex’ chords as well.




How To Play The Famous Downtown Blues Shuffle Riff

Missing out on the fundamentals of blues rhythm playing can really harm your overall progress. The downtown blues shuffle riff is one the of the most important elements in blues guitar playing as it is part of rhythm and lead. In this video lesson I go from the very basics of a downtown shuffle to the high advance methods to integrate this into your own blues playing.




How To Prepare Yourself For A Blues Guitar Jam

Unless you are an absolute beginner, it are not your guitar skills that are holding you back to successfully participate in a blues jam session. But when you aren't aware of the exact scenarios you might run into, it is of course a nerve wrecking thought to dive into a jam session. Wouldn't it be great to learn all the essential knowledge in an easy to understand way? In this video I'll take you through all the necessary steps to perform in a blues jam so that you know exactly how to prepare yourself.




The Guide To Learn The Notes On The Guitar Fretboard

As a guitarist it is essential to be able to name every note on the guitar in a split second. Music happens in 'real time' so you don't have time to think a lot. Therefore, permanently memorizing the notes on the guitar neck is a crucial aspect in achieving complete freedom when playing guitar.




Target The Best Notes In Your Blues Solos

Guitar students are trying to sound the same as their blues guitar hero's, but they have no clue that they are actually speaking a completely different language. In fact, study reveals us that 95% of all guitar students are held hostage by the pentatonic scale. This is such a shame as they will never obtain the melodic sounds of the blues guitarists they are looking up to. That is why you need to learn about targeting the most important notes in each individual chord of the standard 12 bar blues progression.




Crucial Minor Blues Guitar Concepts

Playing the same old and boring chords over and over is very monotonous and it is a frustration shared by many aspiring guitarists to stay stuck in this rut. There are on the other hand plenty cool sounding and essential minor blues rhythm examples that are important to learn. In this video you'll learn one of the absolute best minor blues concepts that will really spice up your blues playing.




The Best Blues Guitar Exercises

Are your bored by the thousands of mindless guitar technique exercises that are found online? It can be very monotonous and because of this very frustrating when you have to repeat your finger exercises over and over again. There are however a lot more enjoyable methods of practicing your blues technique.




How To Merge Blues With Funk Guitar

If you’re looking to really advance your blues riffs, it is essential that you know exactly how to approach this step. Merging the style of funk with the blues is the key to make it sound really aggressive and dynamic. In this video I explain the method on how to 'funk up' your blues playing and increase you creativity when playing blues riffs:




Advanced Blues Soloing

Many intermediate guitarists get stuck playing only the minor pentatonic scale over blues chords. But did you know that the minor pentatonic scale isn’t the best choice to play over a blues chord progression? It’s a fact that some of the notes in this scale will ‘clash’ quite a bit with the dominant seventh chord it’s being played over. This is also the reason why experienced guitarists don’t only rely on this minor pentatonic scale when their soloing in a blues context.




How To Transpose Your Blues Licks

If you've learned a new blues lick in a certain key, it is crucial that you are not limiting yourself only to that key. As guitar licks can sound very different and often better in other keys, you need to know how to transpose your blues licks in the most efficient way.




How To Prevent Or Overcome Guitar Stagnation

Although gathering ‘new things’ is very important, it should not be your main focus if you are suffering from stagnating guitar skills. In this video I'll present you the best exercise that will help you in beating the guitar rut.




How To Play Important Cliché Blues Guitar Licks (Part 3)

If you listen to the master guitarists of the blues, you'll notice that all these guitar players use the same cliché blues licks as tools to improvise. The key to not sound like everybody else is to use the method of making several smaller licks into one big, unique and powerful lick.




Innovative Blues Rhythm Guitar Playing

Are you having a hard time coming up with new and innovative blues rhythm parts? In this video you will learn how to transition from playing the same old blues riffs all the time, to being creative with combining both riffs and chords such as the real blues masters do.




The Best Blues Guitar Licks (Part 2)

If you look at the masters of the blues, they always have a continuous source of inspiration when they improvise. One of the tools they use to ensure that they always have something to play that sounds good is their bag of blues licks. Therefore building your repertoire of the best blues guitar licks is really essential.




How To Incorporate Arpeggios In Blues Guitar Solos

As a blues guitarist it is essential that you look beyond the minor pentatonic scale and start to use more melodic approaches to blues guitar soloing. In this video you'll learn how to incorporate arpeggios in your blues guitar solos in order to create an own voice with your guitar.




The Best Method To Develop Rhythm On Guitar

One of the very fundamental aspects in becoming a good blues guitarist is rhythm. To many people neglect the importance of rhythm guitar and that is exactly why they are stuck in their development. In this video you’ll learn how to develop your rhythm and how to practice it the best way possible.




The Most Famous Blues Guitar Licks (Part 1)

Building a repertoire of the best blues guitar licks is essential to rely on during improvisations. In this video you'll learn the most famous blues guitar lick that every blues guitarist need in their 'bag of tricks':




The Best Way To Memorize The Guitar Fretboard

Most guitarists only think in scale boxes which leads them to being stuck on one spot of the guitar neck, unable to express themselves fully. The good news is that there is a different way to memorize and visualize the fretboard which is even more simple than the scale boxes you already know.




Best Blues Guitar Phrasing Lesson

Intermediate blues solos often don’t sound very appealing because they sound like an incohorent bunch of notes or licks stringed together, instead of a melodic piece.In this video guide to melodic blues solos you’ll learn exactly how to sound more advanced in just a few minutes.




The Best Blues Guitar Scale Run

Learn how to move across the entire fretboard with ease in order to break out of the same old pentatonic boxes. With this essential blues guitar scale run, your lead guitar parts will elevate to a whole new level.




Overcome Lack Of Inspiration During Guitar Solos

In order to avoid not having any clue what to play when someone asks you to play something for him, you need to develop your creativity. The process to get inspired to improvise is exactly what you'll learn in this video lesson.




The Best Strategy To Avoid Random Blues Guitar Noodling In Your Solos

Playing guitar with a real purpose instead of playing some random notes that don’t really mean anything is not hard to obtain with the right strategies. In this lesson you’ll learn how to plan out your play blues guitar solos in a way you can build tension and emotion such as the real blues guitar masters.




The Guitar Tone Knobs And Toggle Switch Explained

Most Guitar Students don’t know how to really use the tone knobs and toggle switch on the guitar to master their sound. But what if this lack of knowledge can turn your guitar solos in a dramatic and obnoxious sound. In this lesson you’ll learn what can go wrong and how to use the tone knobs and toggle switch properly to lift your guitar sound to a much higher level.




The Best Blues Guitar Speed Building Scale

With the strategy and approach I explain in the video and article below, you’ll have a completely new view on how to play fast blues guitar solos. This highly effective blues guitar speed building scale will give you that speed everyone wants in their soloing with ease.




The Best Guitar Picking Exercise

Most people forget that the picking hand is the driving force of your guitar playing and it’s this hand that needs to be trained in order to gain extreme accuracy in your playing. In this video I teach a student the best guitar picking exercise.




How To Perform Vibrato On Guitar

In order to gain full control over your blues guitar playing, you need a good and solid foundation of guitar skills. In every stage of your guitar learning process, you need to do a reality check on these foundational aspects. In this video we’ll take a closer look at your guitar vibrato technique.




How To Use The Full Dynamic Range Of The Guitar

To stand out from others, you need very good and developed guitar dynamics. In this video I go over the most important tools to bring your guitar playing to a completely new level. Get rid of these boring and monotonous guitar habits by using the guitar dynamic range to the maximum




How To Play Guitar Solos Without Thinking About Scales

Playing your guitar without the need to think what and where to play is the goal for almost every guitar student. In order to play guitar without thinking about scales, you need the right guidance or this will be impossible to figure out yourself. Watch the video above where I teach a student my best exercise and strategy on how to play guitar without thinking.




How To Practice Blues Guitar Phrasing

Practicing your blues guitar phrasing is all about gathering the right phrasing exercises and how to apply it in real music. In this video I go over the by far most important blues guitar phrasing exercise to drastically improve your lead guitar playing in no-time.




How To Practice Your Guitar Scales To Get Maximum Efficiency And Results

Making mistakes on guitar is the result of practicing your scales on guitar wrong, which will ruin your development as a guitarist. Most guitar students make the mistake of not practicing in the best possible way. Since they repeat each mistake, they are training their muscle memory the wrong way, which results in a guitar technique full of bad playing habits. In this video I go over what to practice and how to practice in order to get the best results possible on guitar.




Get Rid Of Thin Sounds On Guitar With The Hybrid Guitar Picking Technique

Get rid of your thin guitar sound once and for all by learning about my method on combining hybrid picking and pedal notes. In this hybrid picking video lesson you’ll learn hybrid picking licks, patterns, exercises and a complete method on how to use these techniques freely during improvising.




Dominate The Entire Fretboard With The Vital Knowledge Of Guitar Intervals

Playing guitar always happens in real-time and the moment you need to think what to play next, you're too late already. That's the reason why it's very important to really understand the guitar fretboard and the inner connections between chords, scales, arpeggios, etc. In the video I explain how guitar intervals are the building blocks in music and how to use them to dominate your fretboard like a master blues guitarist




How express yourself through guitar

To become a very skilled blues guitar player you want to develop the capacities to put emotion into your playing. Otherwise you will sound fake and not interesting to an audience. In the video above I go over the most important exercise to train this ability




How To Play Fast Blues Guitar Licks

Why Playing Fast Blues Guitar Licks Is Easier Than You Think

Are you able to play lightening fast blues licks? In this video I will teach you a crucial fast blues lick in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan. While learning licks for the sake of learning licks is not the best way to build up your guitar playing, I can tell you that this lick is an absolute game changer. By breaking down this lick note by note you will come to realize that fast blues guitar licks aren’t all that complicated to learn, they just require practice.




How To Play Blues Guitar Solos The Right Way

Playing just one scale while improvising over blues chords is easy, but it isn't the approach that most experienced blues guitarists choose. In this video you will learn how to change your scales to fit over the blues chords you are playing over.




How To Play Blues Lead And Rhythm Guitar Simultaneously

Playing blues rhythm parts and guitar licks all at the same time is a great skill to have as a guitarist. However, this is something requires study to get into, but you will find that by breaking down each part of the licks/riffs you are playing you can master this style much quicker. In this video I will show you exactly how to play blues rhythm riffs and lead guitar licks at the same time.




Blues Guitar Solo Using Chord Tone Targetting

When you want to improve your blues guitar soloing it is key to learn how to improvise solos that fit each chord you are playing over. In this video you see and example of a solo where each scale perfectly fit the chord changes I am playing over so that you can start to play more melodically mature blues guitar solos.




Blues Guitar Solo Technique: Pedal Notes

To have an audiece that's honetely interested in your blues guitar playing, you want to sound unique and creative. In this video you'll learn to use pedal tones on guitar in the form of open strings to boost your solo creativity.