How To Place Your Thumb On The Guitar For Blues Guitar Playing

There are a couple of options when it comes to the thumb placement of the fretting hand. In general, there are two distinct places on the guitar neck to rest the thumb. First of all, there is the option where the thumb is wrapped around the neck of the guitar. On the other hand we have the option to place the thumb behind the neck. 

A lot of people will tell you that you need the thumb wrapped around the neck of the guitar so you can have more power and control over your bends and vibrato. But then other people will tell you a completely different story and claim that the thumb placement behind the neck is the best option as it will give you more stretch to perform complex technical elements.

So what’s the correct approach now? In the video below you’ll discover the best guitar thumb position for you:

Now that you have the knowledge about the correct guitar thumb placement for the fretting hand, it’s time to further develop your blues guitar technique with the best technical exercises online. When you want to play awesome blues guitar solos or rhythm parts it’s essential that you are able to take your mind of your guitar technique. As it is very rare to find good quality blues exercises online, I created this free ebook with the best blues picking exercises to help you in your journey: Best Blues Guitar Picking Exercises Online.

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