The Best Exercise To Nail Difficult Chord Changes

Tired of messing up these fast blues chord changes? A lot of aspiring guitar players practice their chord changes over and over, but when it comes down to performing them perfectly, they FAIL… So what is the biggest problem standing in your way to complete mastery over your chord changes?

One of the biggest guitar myths proclaims that with a lot of practice, one day you will become a good guitar player. To be honest, nothing is further away from the truth! Even though a lot of repetition when practicing is important, it is NOT the main factor that will determine if you'll become a great guitarist. If you practice your chord changes over and over, but you keep on making the same mistakes (mostly unconscious), you can practice as long as you want, the only result will be bad playing habits that will ruin your chord changes until you STOP practicing in this way!

In the next video I teach exactly one simple, but highly effective exercise that is the fastest way to fix any guitar chord switching problem once and for all. This is without a doubt the best strategy to clear the way to mastery over your blues chords!

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