Best Blues Guitar Articles And Tips

Here you will find a collection of the best blues guitar articles and tips so that you can get more information on various topics ranging from blues guitar improvisation to developing your guitar technique.


blues guitar soloing

Do you want to play awesome blues guitar solos, but everytime you improvise a solo you are left devastated because it doesn't even come close to the solos of your favourite blues guitarist? By learning about the reasons why this happens you can turn your entire blues guitar improvisation around finally play the solos that you want to play.

Read this article about Blues Guitar Soloing to find out how to play advanced blues solos.


improvise on guitar

Do you want to touch deep emotions in people when you improvise guitar solos? It's a great feeling to be able to express what you feel through your guitar. Most guitar teachers never focus on exercises that open the door to improvisational freedom. Learn how to improvise on guitar so that you can express your feelings now.



blues guitar techniqueHave you ever dreamed of playing with other musicians at a jam session? Of course you have, gaining friends with your guitar playing is a goal well worth attaining. Sadly, many guitarists hold themselves back because they are afraid they will make a fool of themselves at such a jam. This comes from not knowing what can happen during such a guitar jam. In this article you will learn how to play your very best at a blues guitar jam (even if you have never done this before).


blues guitar techniqueDo you want to learn from blues guitar exercises but you don't know which ones are good? There is a lot of info out there, but most of the exercises only give you a small part of the whole 'guitar roadmap'. In order to save time it's essential to learn the exercises that will help your guitar technique while at the same time will expand your understanding of the guitar in general. Improve your blues guitar technique by learning from the best guitar exercises.


blues guitar technique

It's frustrating to be able to play blues solos all over the neck of the guitar, but lack the skills to play solid blues rhythms. In fact, it's a huge problem for most blues guitar students; the more improvement they make in the area of playing blues solos, the more their rhythm guitar skills fall apart. In this article you will learn why it is essential to learn how to play a very solid blues shuffle rhythm on guitar.


To create intense emotions in your guitar solos it's crucial that you learn how to bend strings the right way. In this article you will learn the best ways to create exactly the emotion that you want to create in your listener, by learning about the  feelings that certain string bends can hold.




Learning to perform emotionally intense string bends serves as an excellent study for blues guitarists. In order to develop a more melodic soloing approach we'll look at the String Bending Technique of Pink Floyd's David Gilmour.




It's often said that blues forms the basis of many other styles and by learning to play blues guitar you will find it easier to get into rock, country, etc. In this article you'll exactly learn how blues works as the gateway to many other styles while learning the best AC/DC Guitar Licks in this Angus Young article.



In this article you will learn how to break through your blues guitar soloing frustrations by learning how chords and scales are connected. Through this knowledge you will start to see how great blues guitarists play a different scale over each chord. Many beginner blues guitarists assume that they just can play the minor pentatonic scale over all the chords in a standard twelve-bar blues progression, but in reality you need more than that to sound really good. In this article you will get introduced to Chord Tone Soloing and the awesome sounding dominant pentatonic scale.


Most blues guitar students don’t have a clue what to do to improve their soloing so that they can start to sound melodically mature. The worst thing about this is what they think is “right” in fact is only a very small basic way of blues soloing. These guitar students are trying to sound the same as their blues guitar hero's, but they have no clue that they are in fact using the wrong scales/notes. Learn why this happens and how you can change the situation so that you start to make progress again fast by learning about Melodic Blues Guitar Improvisation.


In this article we'll look at why most guitarists fail to keep progressing and what to do to improve your blues guitar playing every day. We'll look at how to keep your guitar improvisation steadily progressing by engaging in 'Guided Improvisational Exercises' by learning how to switch between the major and minor pentatonic scales in a structured way. Improve Your Blues Guitar Playing in this article.


Are you struggling to come up with great sounding blues riffs? You are not alone. In fact, many good lead guitarists are having a hard time coming up with creative rhythm parts. In this article we'll start from a basic blues riff and progressively add elements so that you can learn how to create your own great sounding Blues Rhythm Riffs.



Have you ever wondered how great guitarists think about their guitar playing? What exactly is going through their mind when they play a blues guitar solo? In this guest article Chris King Robinson tells you exactly what it is and how the best blues guitarists think about their Blues Guitar Phrasing.



Do you want to be able to play aggressive blues guitar riffs like Stevie Ray Vaughan? Playing advanced rhythm parts will set you apart from mediocre guitarists. In this article you will learn which exercises you need to focus on in order to become a skilled rhythm guitarist and play advanced rhythm guitar parts.



Many guitar students want to play better guitar solos. The problem is that they don't know how to improve their blues guitar solos. I have written about Chord Tone Targetting a lot on this website, but I will continue this education until the messages rings clear and loud: if you want to play like the best blues guitarists, you need to learn about Chord Tone Targetting. Learn how to get to the next level in your soloing with this article on how to play advanced blues guitar solos by learning about Chord Tone Targetting.


When learning to play blues guitar the question isn't merely 'how to build speed on guitar', instead one should ask 'how to build speed on guitar without sacrificing soul and feel. The approach in learning to play blues guitar at a high level is entirely different from learning styles such as rock, metal and jazz. In this article you will learn how to train your picking hand so that you can play blues guitar at fast tempos and practice speed without sacrificing soul and feel.


Most guitarists lack power and emotion when they play guitar. These two elements are to be found in the playing of legendary blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, that is why SRV's playing style is a excellent style to study. In this article you will learn the best Stevie Ray Vaughan licks and techniques.



Do you know how chords, scales and arpeggios relate on the guitar? If not, this will hold back your growth in your guitar playing progress. The best method to master your understanding of the guitar is to learn the relationships between chords, scales and arpeggios. In this article you will learn how to play arpeggios on guitar that perfectly fit the blues chords you are playing over.



Have you ever wondered how it would feel to play lightening fast blues guitar licks? Learning such licks might prove itself to be less difficult than you might think. Once you know how to practice licks like this, you simply need to practice them. In this article you will learn exactly how to play fast blues licks on guitar.



Do you know how to play basic pentatonic scales on the guitar and improvise with them? Now it's time to take the next step in your guitar playing and don't stay stuck letting your fingers do all of the thinking for you. You don't want to have your fingers run in the same circles over and over again, instead you want to learn about how to improve your blues guitar phrasing.



Playing lead and rhythm guitar at the simultaneously is a great skill to add to your bag of tricks, but it can be a daunting task to get into this playing style. In this article I will show you exactly how you can break down riffs and licks so that you can play blues rhythm and lead guitar at the same time.



how to play expressive blues guitar solos In order to improve your blues guitar soloing you need to be able to fill each solo with lots of expression. Most mediocre guitar teachers will tell you that this is something that can't be learned, but the reality is that there are exercises and practice strategies you can follow so that you can learn to play blues guitar solos expressively.



how to play the altered scale Guitarists such as Robben Ford, Scott Henderson and Matt Schofield make use of scales that have the power to build up tremendous tension over the chords they are playing. They know how to squeeze every bit of emotion out of the notes they play. The good news is that this is very attainable if you know perfectly what you are doing. In this easy to understand article you will learn exactly how to use the altered scale, which is a great scale if you want to make your guitar playing sound tense and twisted.


master blues guitar licksDo your guitar solos sound like you’re just going up and down a scale? Would you like to sound different from your peers and have your own distinctive sound on guitar? In this article you will learn the exact process great guitarists use (whether they know it or not) to learn and master guitar licks and make them their own.



guitar practice tipsEver feel frustratred about your guitar playing? Feel like you're not progressing enough? Find new motivation and energy to grow to the next level in blues guitar playing with this strategy to massively improve. You see master blues guitarists performing their music with ease but what you don't see is in what way they practice. This is key to actually improving the fastest way, learn how to practice guitar the right way and start moving in the right direction.


guitar practice tipsHave you always felt there is something holding you back from sounding like a professional guitarist? No matter how many chords, scales or arpeggios you learn it feels like you’re not getting there? Often you don’t notice problems in your timing when that is exactly what makes you sound professional. Develop the rhythmical complexity of what you hear in your head and train your flexibility to play more interesting lines and rhythms in this article about how to improve your timing

how to use a guitar strapWhen trying to become a better guitarist, there are a numberous things that can ruin your development. One of these is the problem that often happens when trying to grow in your guitar playing from bedroom guitarist to playing more interactively with others. As always, it is best to prevent problems, so make sure you read the following article and learn the best way to practice playing the guitar with a guitar strap.


how to use a guitar strapThere are hundreds of methods to create a blues or rock solo, but this one is crucial for every guitarist as it gives such a fast and driving feel to your guitar solos. Are you ready to give your guitar solos a creative boost by learning to play the pedal point technique on guitar?




How To Find A Great Blues Guitar SoundOne of the key elements in becoming a great blues guitarist is taking care of your sound. Your sound is what makes people notice and remember you. Your playing won’t have the effect you desire if you don’t pay attention to the way your guitar sound comes across. This article shines light on some guitar myths and gives advice on How To Find A Great Blues Guitar Sound?



guitar-intervalsLearn the secrets of the guitar fretboard by acquiring the correct knowledge about guitar intervals, the most important building blocks in music. Start to realize how chords, scales, arpeggios are structured and how it’s all connected in this Ultimate Guitar Intervals Guide




hybrid-picking-guitar-techniqueGet rid of your thin guitar sound with the method of combining hybrid picking and pedal notes. In this Hybrid Picking article you’ll learn licks, patterns, exercises and a method to use it freely during improvising.




how-to-improve-lead-guitar-playingBeing able to tell a story with your guitar is one of the most important things to master in blues music as it is the core of what blues music is all about. However, not many guitarists succeed in this and will never sound interesting to an audience because of this lack of skill. The good news is, improving your lead guitar playing can easily be trained with the right guidance and the right exercises such as explained in this article with video.



best-blues-guitar-scalesIt’s always a challenge for guitarists not to be stuck with the same old scale patterns day in and day out. This new approach will not only boost your sound, but will help you in developing extreme speed in your blues solos. Step up your game by learning my best blues guitar scales for building speed.



horizontal-guitar-fretboard-memorizationMoving freely on the guitar fretboard is the goal for almost every guitar student. There are however tons of guitarists stuck in scale boxes, not knowing how to break out or how to easily use every corner of the guitar neck while soloing. This ‘Horizontal Fretboard Memorization Guide’ will open the door to musical freedom.



famous-blues-guitar-licksAs an aspiring blues guitarist it is really important to create a 'bag of tricks' filled with guitar licks. When listening to the best blues guitarists you'll notice that there are several famous licks they use all of the time. This is the reason why the collection of these famous blues licks is a crucial aspect in your own development as a guitarist.



guitar-knobs-explainedMost Guitar Students don’t know how to really use the tone knobs and toggle switch on the guitar to master their sound. But what if this lack of knowledge can turn your guitar solos in a dramatic and obnoxious sound. In this article you’ll learn what can go wrong and how to use the the guitar knobs properly to lift your guitar sound to a much higher level.



guitar-notes-fretboard-explainedHaving a clear overview of the guitar neck is essential as this is one of the areas where advanced guitarists distinguish themselves from beginning guitarists. Before you can unravel the structures of the guitar neck, it is not only necessary to develop the ability to quickly find the notes on the fretboard, but also to permanently memorize the notes.



modal-blues-guitarAlthough you might have heard of modes to spice up your blues guitar playing, the theory behind it can easily sound really confusing. In this article I will present you the absolute most easy approach to add modal sounds (using ‘the dorian mode’ and ‘the mixolydian mode’) to your blues guitar solos. This way you will be able to create more interesting sounds in your guitar playing immediately.


best-guitar-for-bluesMany people are not aware of the differences between the stratocaster and the telecaster guitars, which leads to the possibility that your playing sounds completely out of tune while performing certain techniques. You might think that it is the guitar player's technical execution, but nothing could be further away from the truth as it is your own guitar that kills your guitar playing.



chord-switching-practiceThe skill for being able to switch between any two particular chords is actually a bit more of a methodical & slower process than most people think. That is why it takes a LONG time to master chord changes. The GOOD news is that if you know exactly how to practice these chord switches you can cut huge amounts of time! This article will help you fix all your guitar chord switching problems once and for all.


blues-scale-riffsAre you struggling to come up with great sounding guitar riffs? You are not alone. In fact, many good guitarists are having a hard time coming up with creative riffs. In this article you'll learn how to turn any scale into a great sounding guitar riff.




play-guitar-blindNEW! Taking the right steps to play guitar without the help of sight is something many aspiring guitarist overlook. A big part of the solution in advancing your guitar playing to the level of these great blues guitarists is to be able to play guitar by touch, or in other words without having to look at your guitar or your hands. This article will guide you through all aspects to solo perfectly without the need of having to take a look at the guitar neck.


talent-vs-practiceNEW! Why do some people have a good sense of rhythm and others don't? And how exactly can you improve your sense of rhythm on the guitar, even if you feel you have no talent at all? Fact is, there are many misconceptions about the concept rhythm. In this article you will discover why a bad sense of rhythm happens and what to do about it.



acoustic-bluesNEW! Would you like to learn how to play acoustic blues guitar? Or expand your current level on acoustic guitar? In this acoustic blues guitar lesson we'll go over the basics of learning to play the blues on acoustic guitar.




 Do you want to know how to approach blues guitar soloing like your favorite blues guitarists?