The Guide To Perform Volume Swells On Guitar

Volume swells are one of the most powerful and key techniques to create a mesmerizing effect with guitar. Although it’s not uncommon to hear the violining technique being used in music, still a lot of aspiring guitarists miss out on this technique. But what is the secret to create this enchanting effect? In the video below you’ll learn everything you need to know to apply the volume swells into your own blues guitar playing:

Now that you have the knowledge about the volume swell technique, it’s time to further develop your blues guitar technique with the best technical exercises online. When you want to play awesome blues guitar solos or rhythm parts it’s essential that you are able to take your mind of your guitar technique. As it is very rare to find good quality blues exercises online, I created this free ebook with the best blues picking exercises to help you in your journey: Best Blues Guitar Picking Exercises Online.

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