How To Play Sweep Picking Arpeggios In Your Blues Guitar Solos

Do you know the main reason why almost all guitar students have a hard time taking their guitar solos to the advanced level?

Granted, taking your guitar solos to the advanced level can be HARD...

But what if you were able to pinpoint EXACTLY the most important ingredients of a good guitar solo?

Today is the day your blues guitar soloing gets a very positive make-over!... First, I'll teach you one of the best methods to build up tension in a guitar solo by using sweep picking arpeggios (see the video tutorial below). 

Second, if you are done watching the video I'll take you through the crucial knowledge that you need in order to close the gap between where you are today and playing advanced blues guitar solos.


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What if you were able to understand what it is that closes the gap between where you are today and playing advanced blues guitar solos?

The reason most guitar students don’t know how to close that gap is due to the fact that they can’t answer THIS exact question.

So what do you think is the single most important ingredient of a good guitar solo? ...

If you analyze great blues solos, the two KEY elements that are always present are:


KEY Element #1 To Great Blues Guitar Soloing: The Build-up Of Tension


KEY Element #2 To Great Blues Guitar Soloing: The Release Of Tension


Yes, the correct strategy of using tension in your blues solos will take you not one step, but a whole leap ahead! 

That is why we got started on one of the best ways to incorperate that tension in your guitar solos: using sweep picking arpeggios. 

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