Picking Too Slow On Guitar? Do This!

Can't seem to move your guitar pick fast enough while picking on guitar?

In this video we’ll uncover why so many people struggle to pick lightning fast:

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Read This If You Feel 'Stuck In A Rut' With Your Blues Guitar Playing

If you feel stuck with your blues guitar playing, chances are you're either practicing things that are too hard or too easy for you at this moment...

This leads to a lot of wasted effort because exercises that are too hard for you at the moment will leave you overwhelmed.

Practicing things that are too easy for you lead to no progress (or VERY slow progress) too.

So when your progress on guitar is slow or non-existent, a lot of time this is due to trying to teach yourself or using websites where you pay for access to a library of thousands of videos that are not perfect for what you NEED right now.

In my Online Blues Guitar Lessons Program, you get personalized blues guitar lessons so nothing you practice is too hard or too easy.

This ensures that you CAN and WILL reach all of your blues guitar goals.

If you want, I'm happy to take you all the way until you reach Blues Guitar Mastery.


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