Break Out Of Your Blues Guitar Soloing Cage That Is Holding Your Guitar Playing Progress Hostage.

How To Stop Playing Like An Amateur And Start Sounding Like A Blues Guitar Pro

learn to play awesome blues guitar solos in this essential guitar soloing lessonSound familiar?

• I am playing the same blues licks over and over again
• I struggle to create new musical ideas when soloing
• I don’t know what to play that won’t sound boring
• I feel stuck in a rut when playing blues guitar
• I feel like my lead playing sounds generic - it lacks a creative feel

I know exactly how you feel - I've been there too in the past. A lot of blues guitar players/students have felt this way and often when friends or family would ask them to play something they become immediately nervous or even embarrassed because they already knew they’ll simply play the same boring, limited, repetitive and uncreative blues licks, solos or improvisation... But what I’ve found is most blues guitar players/students:

1. Get stuck in the same simple pentatonic scale box.
2. When they try to break out of the box, they make the mistake of simply learning “more boxes”.
3. They are using the things they know in the same way over each chord in the 12-bar blues chord pattern.

Professional blues guitarists don’t make these mistakes. When pros play blues, they use the pentatonic box shapes differently than most blues players do and most blues guitar teachers teach. Yes of course they use more than 1 box shape, but it’s how they use them that makes their playing sound great, new and creative every single time. Most importantly, they are often using a few simple (yes they are really quite simple) tricks over each chord, which makes their playing sound different than yours.

As you know, there are many things that make a great guitar player great. Some of those things require years of practice (such as building a lot of guitar speed or training your ears), but other things are not hard, not complicated and not frustrating to learn, and you can learn and use them to improve your guitar playing RIGHT NOW!

If you are anything like me, you want to quickly learn the things you can do RIGHT NOW to make you a better blues guitar player RIGHT NOW. That’s why I’ve created:

The Essential Blues Guitar Soloing Lesson: Busting Out Of The Same Old Blues Box

This course will immediately help you to stop playing the same blues licks over and over again. It will also show you how to easily create new musical ideas when soloing so that you don’t feel stuck and will never sound boring again. In addition, this essential blues guitar course will get you out of the rut you are currently in, make your guitar playing a lot more creative and never sound generic ever again.

Here Is What You Will Learn

  • How to break out of your blues guitar soloing cage that is holding your guitar progress hostage.
  • More, new and better blues guitar soloing ideas so that your playing will sound fresh, exciting and finally creative.
  • The secrets of how to always find the perfect notes to target over every chord while you are soloing. You will learn how to easily visualize the 'best' notes to target so that you are 100% sure those notes will always sound great in every situation.
  • How to stop feeling frustrated about playing in the same limiting blues box shapes all of the time. The best blues players don’t “get stuck” in those boxes. You will IMMEDIATELY learn the best (and easy) ways not to get stuck in them too.
  • Exactly how and why to solo differently over each chord so that you maximize the uniqueness, expressiveness and emotion of each chord while soloing. This is what all the best pros do. The best news is, it is NOT hard to learn or do. You simply need to learn how it works. This course will break it down for you in very simply and easy steps so that you can learn and master this elusive skill quickly and easily.
  • How to never “fish” for notes again when you are soloing and improvising. You will immediately know which notes to play in order to give your listeners instant goose bumps.
  • You’ll know exactly what you are doing wrong and how to practice in the way that brings you improvement fast and gets you to the next level quickly. Every time you touch the guitar you’ll become a better guitarist.

You Will Also Get:

blues guitar solos bonus 1Bonus 1: Blues Soloing Cheat-Sheets

With these cheat-sheets you will:

  • Instantly see what special notes are best to use over any chord in a 12-bar blues song without having to memorize anything so that you can immediately create better licks the very first time you use these cheat sheets!
  • Have an immediate road map for soloing that is easy to understand and easy to use.
  • Be forced (in a good way) to never fall back onto the same old blues box shape patterns that make your playing stale, dull and boring.
  • Visualize the target notes for each chord that bring out the deepest emotional impact.

Bonus 2: How The Pros Create The Best Blues Guitar Solosplaying blues guitar solos ebook 2

With this bonus you will:

  • See how the great blues guitar players use the exact same concepts I am teaching you in the main course when creating their own solos.
  • With each solo you'll get instructions to follow along to what is really happening, so that you will know why these notes, licks and scales work so better than the typical choices most average blues players make.
  • Real-life examples of blues solos all written out and explained for you to see how everything fits together.

Hi, my name is Benjamin and I would love to share with you my testimonial on the eBook from Antony Reynaert called "The Essential Blues Guitar Soloing Lesson: Busting Out Of The Same Old Blues Box". The fun part of having an eBook to learn with is: you have audio links, you have video links, you have extra bonus materials. You don't need to put in a cd and sit right next to the CD-player and start looking for the right songs and stuff like that. No, you just are one click away from everything you need to hear exactly at the right place in the eBook. So that’s a fun way of learning!

Getting stuck in the minor pentatonic box position is something that can happen and at that point when you've reached that you're feeling like the things you are playing are kind of boring, its not coming to its right, its not actually 'living' the things you are playing. It sounds good, it sounds acceptable, but it could be a whole lot more. And this is where this book comes in to play.

Once you've read it and listened to all the audio examples inside of the course, once you've taken all the steps inside of it, you will learn to use 'different' types of notes in that pentatonic 'box' position or 'added' notes to that box position. You will be able to visualize the chords you are playing over on the fretboard while you are soloing, and this gives a whole new dimension of playing because then you will be able to awake certain feelings with your listeners and you will create more depth in the things you are playing.

Also when you are improvising you will know what you are doing. This is the goal when you are playing, that you know what you are doing, that you know which type of feeling you are bringing to your listeners. The whole idea of playing will get a lot more professional once you've used these steps in this book. It gets me really excited because it gives a whole new angle, it could be freeing for someone who is actually stuck in that box-position. There is a whole lot more you can do, there is a whole lot more you can play… Just get that book!

Benjamin Gaytant, Belgium

Being able to master an instrument, to express yourself through music, to improvise in such a way that you become one with your instrument, is one of the things I would like to achieve in this life. Not that I pretend to be at that level of playing. I've been strumming strings for years but up till now never got to that stage where I really had the feeling I was leading my guitar and not vice versa.

Actually because of my lack of a good theoretical background, I was stuck with tabs on the net, which limited my playing to trying to imitate in the best way possible what others already created and played. For sure it gave some satisfaction when - after long hours of practice - I could play a solo of Slash using the tablature of the song, but really nothing compared to the excitement I felt when performing my first improvised solo on a simple 12 bar blues shuffle!

For me this is exactly what 'The essential Blues Guitar Soloing Lesson' provides: a key to better playing, with much greater pleasure, to really start using your guitar the way it should be: playing the stuff in your head and heart and breaking out of the brainless note copying. Mind, there is still lots of practice and dedication involved. But 'The essential Blues Guitar Soloing Lesson' sets you on the path of becoming the guitar player you always wanted to be.

Bram Robichez, Belgium

Hi Antony, thanks very much for the course that you’ve send over. I’ve looked through it and tried some of the techniques that you are trying to project in the lesson. A little bit above where I am playing at the moment, but the importance of the message came across and the practice techniques were really good. Certainly the explanation of how the notes fit within the scales, the way you put that across, made a lot of sense.

My own guitar experience is fairly limited; I have been playing for around 5 years now and I’m still only beginning my understanding of scales and trying to get a feel for using them correctly, so I am only able to comment on how easy I found it to comprehend the content and how useful I will find the information and practice techniques.

Overall I think you emphasized clearly the importance of knowing where in the progression you were playing and how the additional notes are then used to enhance the emotional impact of the Solo. I particularly liked the use of colors to define the notes, although I have seen something similar before, the combination of color and the number is very useful and helps (me at least) visualize the shape. Also the fact you showed the fingering for the chords.

The explanation of how to approach practicing the techniques is helpful as I think most people that have been playing for a while want to be efficient with their practice time. I liked your explanation on “voicings” where you used the term “stacking” tones and again the colors made this easier to understand.

Trevor Crisp, U.K.

The major benefit of this book is that your skills will improve directly if you start applying the techniques discussed in the ebook. For example, If you apply the chord tone soloing as taught in the book, your phrasing will improve right from the start. The ebook handles a problem that all guitarists will have at a certain point as well. We’ve all been stuck in the same old blues box, the minor pentatonic scale. The book gives you different scales to use over a blues progression, so you don’t need to apply the minor pentatonic over all chords. Using the correct scales over each chord will convince anyone that listens to you that you know what you’re doing.

To conclude I would recommend every beginner or intermediate and even advanced guitarists to read the ebook and apply the techniques. You will be amazed how far it will get you.

Thomas Deckmyn, Belgium

blues guitar lessons feedbackFor me ‘The Essential Blues Guitar Lesson’ works because it has a very visual, logical and progressive constructive approach that is also very encouraging in it’s tone. It’s like you are getting the ‘abc’ of the blues. With the main key being the key of A (shuffle blues in the key of A), you get the essence of the blues vocabulary.

In other words, a treasure of tools that will get you improvising endlessly and create an unique and personalized blues style, just like an author tells different stories with the ‘abc’ in his own unique style. At the same time ‘The Essential Blues Guitar Lesson’ implicates that I have much studying and practicing ahead. At first this overwhelms you, but the value of Antony is that he can stimulate you in an exciting way to persistence and perseverance. Antony his approach to break “out of the box”, to explore (full neck of the) guitar and be creative is permanent and phenomenal.

Ann Haegens, Belgium

Hi, my name is Gonçalo Crespo. I am a guitar player living in Switzerland, and I have had my chance to get my hands on the essential blues guitar soloing lesson from Antony Reynaert at

I just want to tell you today that I have found this product to be an awesome product. I believe that this is not just another blues guitar lesson that you find anywhere on the internet or even buy online or something like that. I believe that Antony has this way where he really inspires you to change where he is really trying to convey that he gives you something that can even change your life. But he does it by using a language that any mortal can understand so even me, you, any advanced player, any beginning player can understand that these fundamental concept that he is trying to get across. And it is really in its simplicity, those fundamental concepts where you can get most of the power of his program. It is really simple but his concepts are very powerful and really do have a chance to transform your playing, to make you not only play the exercise, play the materials that he is trying to show you and that he shows in the program, but to really try to get you understand the concepts behind and how they work, because when you can do that, then you can really start doing something magical with the guitar.

This program will help you transition from just another blues player into somebody who really knows its stuff and that really knows how to puzzle pieces work together. The exercise and examples are very easy to understand and to use. He uses some very simple concepts to make you sound like the best player, so you really are getting a lot of value from these very simple exercises, these very powerful exercises that he is showing you coming from the concepts. And all in all, Antony just presents an awesome amount of value throughout all of the program and with all of the bonus and supportive materials that he presents.

So I definitely recommend you checking out the essential blues guitar soloing lesson from Antony Reynaert and all in all, just go online and please do check out, it is an awesome site and I really love everything that Antony has been doing so far.

Gonçalo Crespo, Switzerland

You've been stuck in the same old blues boxes probably for a long time. It’s killing your creativity, it’s making your playing sound boring and it’s definitely frustrating you. I know, I’ve been there in the past myself. Today is the day you break out of your blues guitar soloing prison and free yourself from being a hostage of the box!

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