Learn How To Play Blues Rhythm Guitar Like The Blues Masters


Does it feel like your rhythm guitar playing is ‘stuck in a rut’?

Are you sometimes clueless about what to play if a family-member or friend asks you to ‘play something’ on the guitar?

Or maybe you want to have a blues jam with friends or other musicians, but you are hesitant to jump on the stage, because you feel like you only know one trick and you’re repeating yourself all the time.

In this ebook we will look at some ways in which you can become more free in your rhythm guitar blues playing.

You will learn:

  • How to think like the masters of blues guitar. You might think to yourself that you don’t have the talent, but there is one thing that all the blues masters have in common. One way of thinking that you can copy in your own practice approach and will lead you to play more fluently and develop a more ‘mature’ sound when you play rhythm guitar in a bluesy style.
  • blues rhythm guitar ebookHow to improvise with blues rhythms. Improvisation shouldn’t be only for solo guitar. When you want to play like the masters, you should also be able to focus on creating rhythm guitar parts ‘on the spot’ and having fun whatever and wherever you play.
  • How to make the transition from playing the same old blues riffs all the time, to being creative with different rhythm patterns and riffs, so you become more ‘free’ when you play blues chords and riffs on guitar.
  • You’ll get specific exercises and tablature to improve your blues rhythm playing, so you can sit down and actually get some practice done.
  • You will learn how to expand on the rhythms that you already know, so that you really know what you’re doing and can start to enjoy yourself, while having the self-confidence to play guitar in front of other people.
  • Play a whole song from start to finish and have the tools to ‘make it your own’, so everytime you play it, it will sound different.


Start thinking like a master of the blues with the ‘how to play blues rhythm guitar like the blues masters’ Ebook.


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