Do You Want To Learn The Secret Soloing Techniques Of Great Blues Guitarists?

This is the place to start if you want a positive make-over for your blues lead guitar playing. In this FREE downloadable guide you will learn to solo over blues chord changes using the approach that a professional blues guitarist would use.

You will learn:

•    How to make your solos stand out. Instead of playing the same old pentatonic minor scale you will learn how to use a different scale over each chord you are playing over.

•    The best scales to use over blues chords. There is one scale that is the absolute best to use when soloing over blues chords (no it’s not the minor pentatonic). This scale will get you from sounding amateurish to playing great melody lines like you hear in the playing of the best blues guitarists.

•    How to solo melodically over blues chords. Yes a lot of guitarists can improvise fairly well over blues chords, but can you play melodically as well?

•    The number one reason why learning to solo OVER THE CHORDS instead of soloing over a full chord progression will feel hard at first and how you can make this “leap of faith” in your guitar playing feel more natural and easy.

The advice in this exclusive FREE guide “How Great Blues Guitarists ‘Spell Out’ Changes When Playing Over Blues Chords” is build up using the exact approach that many of the best blues guitarists use (such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Matt Schofield, etc.) to make their guitar playing sound very melodical. You won’t find anything else like this anywhere on the internet.

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