‘How To Make Your Guitar Cry’ Video Lesson

Let me ask you this; do you know exactly how to play the guitar really expressively? A lot of intermediate guitarists want to learn to play very expressive blues guitar solos, but most of them fail to learn the correct techniques that are required to make their guitar cry. This is because the exact technique that you need to use to produce this crying sound is in fact not one single technique, but a combination of two very important guitar techniques.

In this complimentary video guitar lesson you will not only learn about these techniques, but will also be able to use this technique in your solos expressively.

You will learn:

  • Exactly how to make your guitar ‘cry’. Once learned, you can add this highly emotional technique to your ‘bag of tricks’ and use it whenever you want to touch deep feelings in your listeners.


  • The correct techniques that are needed to create this ‘guitar cry’. These will not only enable you to produce deep emotions, but will also help you to develop a very personal style on guitar.


  • How blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan used this technique to make his guitar cry and really captivate his audience when playing advanced blues solos.


  •  How you can use this technique of making your guitar cry in your own soloing.

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