About Blues Guitarist and Guitar Teacher Antony Reynaert


Antony was first introduced to music at the age of 7 when he took piano lessons. When he saw a friend playing the guitar at age 17 he later got intensely into the guitar.

After studying with different great guitar teachers, he was selected to be mentored by guitar virtuoso and music career mentor Tom Hess, which proved to play a crucial role in the developement of his career.

As a blues guitar teacher, Antony has taught hundreds of students in his country of residence Belgium where he runs four highly acclaimed guitar schools in his hometown Ostend, the city of Ghent, the city of Antwerp and the city of Courtrai.

Apart from his local guitar schools, he regularly gives blues guitar masterclasses and clinics all over the world.

His debut album “Spirits in Revolution” combines a wide spectrum of musical influences and styles, while still staying deeply rooted in the blues.

In 2019 Antony was awarded ‘Guitar Teacher Of The Decade’ in the international trade association of guitar teachers he is part of.