Looking For A Roadmap To Master Blues Guitar?

I Am Giving Away My Step By Step Approach On How To Pinpoint In Minute Detail What You Need To Practice At Every Step Of The Way Until You Reach Blues Guitar Mastery 

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  • Do you often look at great blues guitarists and wish you could play like them, but you don't know how to get there?
  • Do you feel frustrated about the lack of progress you make on guitar?
  • Are you struggling to find constructive blues guitar exercises that will propel your guitar playing to the next level?


If this sounds like you, then you better...

Get Your Hands On My 4-Part Formula On How To Become A Better Blues Guitarist Now (FREE Video Series)


Yes, you are reading this right...

After working with guitarists both locally in Belgium in one of my 4 guitar schools, as well as online for years...


I am giving away my system that takes you through: 

  • The 3 things that every aspiring guitarist needs to have in order to advance your guitar playing with every single exercise you take on. If these things aren't present or practiced in the wrong order your progress on guitar will feel like trying to floor the gaspedal on a car with no wheels


  • The ONE big thing that almost all great guitarists do in order to connect everything they learn in one insightful mindmap. And the best news is: this little trick that will transform your guitar playing is very easy, you can do this too! When I showed this to my students they were floored by how much this made a difference in their day to day practice!

  • The single most important thing I have found after 14 years of teaching to be the missing factor in guitar students. Not having this keeps your progress small even if you are practicing all the time


Who am I and why should listen to me?

Hi, my name is Antony Reynaert. I founded one of the biggest and most successful guitar schools in Europe where I have successfully taught & trained hundreds of ordinary blues guitar students to become exceptional guitar players.


In addition, I am one of only 61 music teachers in the world who have earned all 5 GTSSI certifications (which are the most prestigious certifications for guitar teaching on Earth).


Now you might be wondering...

"Why the heck is he giving his sytem away for free???" 


I'll tell you in a minute, but if you are anything like me, you picked up the guitar for a reason...

To express yourself without limitations!


Do You Want To Know The Key To Truly Expressing Yourself On The Guitar?


The answer may or may not surprise you...

What I've found is that a lot of aspiring blues guitarists got into playing the guitar with the best intentions to express themselves as freely as their favorite blues guitarists.

But instead of growing their mastery over the guitar with each exercise they take on, they often feel like they are 'running in circles', unable to make any lasting progress...


I decided to run a survey where I asked guitarists from all over the world about their level on the guitar...

As it turned out, the results were very dramatic...


percentage of aspiring blues guitarists who make it to the advanced level


Only 6% of the guitarists told me they feel they are playing on an advanced level.

A WHOPPING 94 PERCENT didn't make it to the advanced level in their guitar playing.


But it gets worse...

Not only does the overhelming majority of guitarists fail to play anywhere near the advanced level, they feel like they are clueless on how to get there!


5 levels of blues guitar mastery free videos
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By submitting your info, you agree to send it to BestBluesGuitarLessonsOnline.com who will process and use it according to their privacy policy.
How I Went From Feeling Stuck, Making Literally NO Progress Even When I Practiced For Hours To Teaching Hundreds Of Guitarists All Around The World


I used to feel like those 94% percent from the survey I ran.

I know the pain of 'not getting there' even if you try for years...

I know the humiliation of simply not knowing what to play at jam sessions, feeling like everyone 'got it' except me.


And... above all... I know how it feels to want to get good on guitar BADLY.




I remember one day I was stairing out the window, listening to my favorite blues guitarists while asking myself:

"Will I ever be able to play this emotional, heartfelt music just like those guys?" 

When I listened to their guitar solos sometimes it literally made me cry.

Yes, I wanted to get as good as them, but just as those 94% of aspiring blues guitarists worldwide I had no fricking clue how to get there...


Fast forward to today... I am teaching hundreds of aspiring guitarists (both online as offline in Belgium) and turning them into exceptional guitarists.

So what is it that changed? 

How did I go from not having a clue how to get better on guitar... only my burning desire as my sole companion... to teaching hundreds of guitarists all around the world?


Why Having A Blues Guitar Masterplan Could Save You THOUSANDS Of Hours In Practice Time


First, let me tell you about the ONE BIG THING that I found that was lacking in the 94% of guitarists who were unable to make it into the advanced guitar playing territory.


Yes, including myself when I was staring out of my window with the hopelessness factor of a goose ready to get hit by a speeding car.


The ONE BIG THING I found to be lacking is a masterplan on how to get from where you are today towards complete mastery. 

Sounds simple, right?


Not quite my tempo... (pun intented in case you've seen the movie Whiplash)... I mean... not quite that simple...

While the advice might sound simple: you need a masterplan that exactly tells you what to practice at every step of the way, the reality is different...


Feeling overwhelmed with all of the books, magazines, videos, etc. out there, the first thing aspiring guitarists do when they want to become a great blues guitarist is to seek out help from a local guitar teacher.

Don't get me wrong, there are some amazing blues guitar teachers in the world, but in my experience these are very rare. 


Some guitar teachers will bluntly tell you "blues is an easy style".

But they offer you nowhere to go.


Some will even tell you "in order to get good at blues guitar, you need to play a lot".

All of this without offering you any kind of guidance, exercises, advice, etc. on how to get there in the first place.


Fact is, the reason why you are not at the level yet where you can effortlessly play great blues guitar is not your fault.

There are simply NO books, methods, videos, teachers, etc. that will tell you exactly what you need to focus on next to grow as a blues guitarist.  


How To Become A Great Blues Guitarist - Finally Explained


The good news is that it is not hard if you know exactly HOW to practice and WHAT to practice.

Whatever level you are in your guitar playing right now I will show you how you can stop being frustrated and grow to the next level with your blues guitar playing!

(and then the next one after that and the next after that, etc. so you keep on growing)


Like I told you in my personal story with the guitar: I had absolutely no clue on how to improve my guitar playing to the level I desired.

But oh boy... I had desire.


In order to get what I wanted I sought out expert advice from the best guitarists all over the world.

My travels led me to Ireland, the USA, France, ... just to compile my own personal 'blues guitar masterplan'.


But it wasn't easy...


Sure, travelling with my guitar, making guitar playing friends around the globe and mastering the instrument along the way was a lot of fun. 


But the absurd amounts of time and money I spend compiling all of the puzzle pieces that are needed to become a great blues guitarist, hopping on and off a gazzilion flights, learning from different resources and trying to piece it all together,...

...could have been spend better.


YES, I Am Giving Away My Step By Step Approach On How To Elevate Your Blues Guitar Playing - But This Offer Will Not Be Online Very Long So


That is why I have created a very unique 4-part Video Series on How To Become A Better Blues Guitarist Now.

Besides, I have a few spots left for aspiring guitarists who want to study guitar online with me... So if you like my teachings you might want to jump ALL IN and become a student. But if you are just here for the FREE stuff you are more then welcome also, because studying with me ain't for everyone and it sure ain't cheap.


So here is the deal: If you feel overwhelmed or stuck with your blues guitar playing progress this FREE Video Series is for you.

In this 4-part Video Series you will learn my 5 Levels Of Blues Guitar Mastery approach that I use with students from all over the world to take their current guitar playing level and propel it forward.


This approach will allow you to get to the level where you can freely express yourself as the great blues guitarists do.

You will learn:

  • The three kinds of focus you need to build to create certainty in your guitar playing. This way you take out the overwhelm and uncertainty, so you don't have to doubt you will ever reach your goals on guitar


  • We will discuss the biggest killer of blues guitar playing. The biggest myth. This could be the single biggest reason that you feel stuck in your blues guitar playing!

  • The secret to training your musical ear, so you know how you can learn to speak the 'language of blues guitar' effortlessly. Every time you will hear someone play (on records, the radio, live, etc.) you will instantly know what they are doing and translate this to your own guitar playing. Don't think that's possible? I will show you exactly how to do this


And much more...

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